The Fundació Jubert Figueras is a non-profit organization created in December 2003. Its aim is to improve the living conditions of low-income families, who have to move from their usual residence due to the hospitalization of one of their members. Regardless of their age or the type of disease the patients suffer, the beneficiaries are low-income families who find themselves displaced in order to stand by the side of a relative who, due to a severe disease, is to be hospitalized or to undergo treatment in one of Barcelona’s health centres.


A home is more than just a place to sleep. It’s the space from where we establish our life and our social references. It’s the place for family and for socializing.

The Fundació Jubert Figueras aims to provide a temporary home for the relatives of patients displaced from their usual dwelling. Admission requests are submitted by social workers based in hospitals, followed by a personal survey. Lodging periods for the applying/admitted families are limited to the patients’ length of stay in the hospital or to their need to live close to the health centre during treatment or rehabilitation.

Applying/admitted families are offered a fully fitted and furnished apartment close to the health centre, to be shared with another family. This apartment provides them not only with a bed, but also with a place to rest, have hot meals and the opportunity to spend time with other people in a similar situation. Being settled in an apartment has shown to have a very positive effect on both the family’s emotional stability and the patient’s recovery process.


Volunteers offer part of their time freely and altruistically. Volunteering is essential for non-profit organizations since volunteers provide an added value and improves the quality of the organization.

Acompanyem is a volunteer social work program meant to give emotional and social support to the patients’ families. Volunteer workers spend a few hours per week keeping the families company, offering them time and affection, and making them feel they are part of a community.

Program starts by welcoming the family, normally at the hospital. From there we will introduce them to how to get to the apartment assigned to them, explain the rules, and briefly introduce them to the other family whom which they will be sharing the apartment. We take serious care in creating a trustworthy environment and to make sure that new families feel welcomed.

We try at all moments to push the independence of the families we host, evaluating the sensations that the social workers have at the hospitals. According to those will try to provide an apartment that is close to the reference hospital. Families with difficulties, either regarding mobility or psychological resources, will be given help and supports by volunteers, that have been introduced to their situations beforehand.

The volunteer’s team is created by a group of people sensitive and mindful to the suffering of the misplaced families. They will provide emotional support, company, active listening, and orientation… they will basically stand next to them during their stay in Barcelona.

The work that volunteers provide, such as everyday tasks, is of extreme important to the organization. They help us with accounting, management, communications, maintenance, fund raising acts, events, etc… As a non-profit organization we strongly believe in the benefits of volunteering. The FJF needs this collaboration to achieve its programs and to be able to benefit a constant increasing number of people.


A Friendly Family is a program that opens their home to share a space and an experience with another family. It offers a room at their home to the patient, who has come for a control or a second opinion, and its caretaker.

Members of the Friendly Family Program open their homes to share a space and an experience with another family. They offer a room at their homes for the patient and an eventual caretaker, who has come to Barcelona for a health control or a second opinion.

The Friendly Family Program started as a result of the growing number of homes that the FJF needed to be able to keep giving support to the caregivers of misplaced patients. It relies on families in Barcelona who are compatible to our mission and offers a room in their home to host a family for a brief period of time. These families have been previously hosted during long stays and are returning to Barcelona a few days for check-ups or medical tests. The aim of this program is to enlarge the offering of solutions that the FJF can provide; to answer the need of the many misplaced patients and their relatives.