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Waiting for Llum – Testimonial from January 2022

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We wanted to begin the new year with a testimonial from a family that the Fundació has hosted. This January we want to tell you a moving and inspiring story of some parents-to-be from Baix Camps (Tarragona), that have come to Barcelona to give birth to Llum.

On Decembre 2021, we got wrapped up by thrill of a young couple from Tarragona that, despite the complicated prognosis of their unborn daughter, comes to Barcelona full of hope and with a smile on their lips.

On the 12th week of the pregnancy, the medical team detected that Llum, the baby they’re expecting, was developing a congenital cardiopathy and was growing slowlier than usual. This diagnosis has forced them to move to Barcelona, where the child will have to be operated on when she’s born by a specialized medical team from Vall d’Hebrón Hospital.

Unable to pay for a long-term lodging during their stay in Barcelona, they approach the Fundació to provide them a place to rest for as long as they have to stay here.

Now, Kat and David are eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby girl Llum in our flat apartment on Sicilia st. in Barcelona. Nevertheless, they try to keep themselves optimistic in the face of the soon-to-be operation of their baby. In the meantime, we are treated with this testimonial video they’ve recorded.

Llum was born on 3 January 2022, on the expected date. Both mother and daughter are in good health. Afterwards, a week later the girl underwent the heart operation that had been planned for months and everything went well.


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