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2 beautiful stories between caregivers (2021)

In News by Paola Jubert

Two mates in a student flat

Ana Luisa and Rosa María are two caregiver who come from the same town: Calahorra, La Rioja. But before living together at the Fundació, they didn’t know each other at all! But their relationship now is precious to us!

They were housed together in the flat in Industria street and later moved for their comfort to the flat in Via Augusta in Badalona to take care of their son and husband respectively, both receiving treatment at the Institut Guttmann.

They consider themselves to be “compis” in a student flat, since they have shared most of their time together and have become close friends since they were relocated by the illness of their family members.

Like mother and son

Isabel comes from Vilablareix, Girona, and José from Cuba. They are from different nationalities and more than 40 years apart, but these two carers who coincided in Llorens i Barba’s flat have created a very nice bond.

They were housed in a flat very close to Sant Pau Hospital in order to take care of Isabel’s son and José’s father, both of whom have received organ transplants and require recovery time at the health centre.

What we like most about Isabel and José is that they consider themselves as “mother and son”. Isabel teaches him things about Catalan culture and makes sure that the other eats well; and José makes sure that Isabel is well when she comes home late from the hospital.