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12 years taking in the Vargas family – May 2022 Testimonial

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We would like to tell you the story of the Vargas, a family from Mallorca that we have known and hosted for 12 years, since both Maria and her son Antonio have needed at different stages to be medically treated and lung transplanted in Barcelona.

The main caregivers of the family are Loli and Trini, Maria’s sister and mother (and Antonio’s aunt and grandmother). In this occasion they have been in Barcelona since October 2021, the time when Maria came to be placed on the waiting list for a lung transplant. In March of this year she finally received the organ transplant and now the four of them are in the apartment while she recovers and gains strength.

We spoke with Loli and Trini in our apartment in Industria street in Barcelona.

🗣 For how long have you known the Foundation?

Well, at least 12 years. Since María’s son was transplanted. At the hospital, they told us that there was an assistant (social worker) who could help us when we came to visit: lending us a shared o individual apartment.

And successively all this time we have been coming they have always left us a place to stay.

🗣 What’s the most difficult thing from your situation as displaced caregivers?

That only one person may be with the sick person.  It is the most difficult thing.

🗣 How have you been able to help the sick person by being at her side?

She was unable to do anything. She couldn’t wash herself. She couldn’t do anything. She needed a person 100% for her. When I went grocery shopping downstairs, I didn’t even go at ease. Because she needed oxygen, she needed me to go to the bathroom. I had to go with a videocall.


🗣 What message would you give to a caregiver who is hesitant to accept our help?

Having to stay here for a month (or months), taking taxis and everything… It costs a fortune! Without the Foundation’s help you wouldn’t be able to make it. Having a place where you can sleep and stay at ease… That’s worth a lot.


🗣 How have your stays been in our apartments?

We’ve been lodge in fine and comfortable apartments. They have everything you may need to live, to be comfortable. The apts are well equipped, nothing is missed. It is as if you were at home.


🗣 What message would you give to our donors and members?

First of all, thank you for everything they do. God will provide it back otherwise. Thank you very much. Anything asked for or told wouldn’t be enough. When you find yourself surrounded by an illness, having to rely on a lot of thing, you appreciate more the people that help you or lend you.

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