The biggest challenge I’ve ever had to face- March 2022 Testimonial

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We would like to tell you the story of Marcos, a father who has had to travel to Badalona for a long period of time while his 17 year old son receives neurorehabilitation treatment at the Institut Guttmann due to an accident he suffered while riding a scooter.

Marcos learned about our work thanks to the social work unit of the Institut Guttmann, with whom we work frequently. We have a collaboration agreement with them that has allowed us to open an apartment in Badalona, which we use to house relatives of patients at their center.

We currently have him staying in an apartment of the Foundation so that he can be in Barcelona with his son. We talked with him about big decisions to be made at a time like his, about his stay at the Foundation and about the role that society should adopt in relation to non-profit organizations.

🗣 How did you feel in the early stages of your displacements?

“The first thing I did was to assess the situation I was in at the time. The priority was my son and I had to give up everything: quitting my job, closing a business and a radical change in my life and in a person’s state of mind.  The spirit in this situation is at rock bottom and it was quite hard.  But these are things you have to decide quickly and that was the decision I made.”


🗣 What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

“The hardest thing in my whole life is my son’s accident. It’s harder everyday life. To see your son, who was a normal person, in this situation is the hardest thing to deal with.”

marcos testimonial març

Photo: Marcos visits his son every day at the Institut Guttmann and helps him in his rehabilitation therapies.

🗣 How has Fundació Jubert Figueras helped you?

“The Fundación plays a very important role. It supports normal families, working families, families that do not have the amount of money they need to be able to face these situations. And if this Fundación wasn’t here, we would have plenty of difficulties to be here helping our relatives.”


🗣 ¿Te has sentido apoyado por la Fundació?

“La Fundació siempre me acompaña, incluso en las tareas más senzillas del día a día. Marta (la trabajadora social) hasta me ofreció que viniera una persona voluntaria a tomar café conmigo para hacerme compañía. El trato de todo el mundo en la entidad es exquisito.”


🗣 What message would you give to a potential Fundació’s donor?

“Usually people don’t help until something bad happen to them. Therefore, I am very grateful for the actions of regular donors. With a little bit from each of us we could all do a lot.”


🗣 What would you say to a person who has to travel to take care of a sick person in order to accept the help of Fundació Jubert Figueras?

“I would tell them that renting a flat will be more expensive and more complicated to arrange, whereas foundations like these have to be supported, committed and guided by them, because without systems like this it would not be possible to move forward.”


🗣 What do you think of the accommodation provided by the FJF?

“The flats are great. They are fully adapted flats. They even have folding beds in case you have to take your family member to sleep there at weekends. With prepared beds, electric beds that are incorporated. The flats are heated, they are clean. Perfect, it’s like you’re at home. It’s great.”

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