A home is much more than a place to sleep. Home is the space through which we establish our lives and our social references: it is the place of family and socialisation.


A double or single room in a fully furnished and well-conditioned flat, close to the hospital or well connected by public transport, to be shared with other families.

What do we offer?

The admission requests to our homes are made through the hospitals Social Work units and the stay is regulated by the required length of time the patient receives medical treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient.

How to access the programme?

For us, offering lodging is much more than provinding a bed. It’s also a place to rest, eat warm food and share moments with other people in a similar situation.

What is our added value?

We strongly believe that the provision of accommodation gives emotional stability to the family and contributes positively to the patient’s recovery.

Moreover, for those more fragile caregivers we offer the support of our team of volunteers.

What else can be do?


For short stays of the Lodging Programme, we also count on the collaboration of three hotels in the city of Barcelona and Sabadell: Hotel Villa Emilia (since 2008), Grupo Atiram (since 2013) and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts (since 2014).