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IV Meeting of Entities that Welcome Displaced Relatives in Barcelona

In Actualitat by Fundacio

The last 8th of February took place the IV Meeting of Entities that Welcome Displaced Relatives in Barcelona where the FJF (Fundació Jubert Figueras) organize again to share a space of debate and reflection with other organizations similars to us and also to give a voice to professionals in the field of health social work in reference hospitals. The event was held in Torre Jussana and from 9:30 a.m. participants began to be received.

At ten o’clock Paola, the director of the Fundation, began the act with a speech welcoming the attendees and stressing the importance of face-to-face meetings to be able to deal with the topics in greater depth.

At half past eleven, Pilar Verona, AFANOC social worker, explained the “Instruction 06/2010” (grants for subsistence and living expenses for citizens residing in Catalonia who are entitled to public health care) and all its applications so that entities can act in a single way.

Pilar Verona explaining Instruction 06/2010

At around eleven o’clock in the morning, a coffee break was held to allow attendees to stop and chat informally.

And at half past eleven, it was the turn of the Panel Discussion: “We are looking for alternatives for the accommodation and support of people migrating for health reasons”. The guests were: Javier Bonomi (manager of Fedelatina); Laura Comaposada (social worker of the housing program of Caritas); Xavier Cubells (director of the Immigration and Refugee Services of the Barcelona City Council) and Montserrat Duch (social worker of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona). The Panel Discussion was moderated by Montse Mir (co-founder of Centro Mediación Barcelona).

From left to right: Montse Mir, Xavier Cubells, Montserrat Duch, Laura Comaposada and Javier Bonomi.

After their initial interventions in which they wanted to express their points of view, the 4 guests drew two clear conclusions: to create synergies of solidarity and to take advantage of apartments of people living alone who are committed to provide company to accommodate the needy.

And the last point of the meeting was held at 1 p.m. by Marta and Alba, the social workers of the FJF, to discuss other issues that may be of interest to the entities for the future. The issues that arose were: the single application form, the unified price of the cost of the apartment for all and the creation of a Commission of Hosting Entities.

At half past one o’clock, the IV Meeting of Hosting Entities ended with the objective of trying to find an improvement in the current situation of displaced persons.