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Fundació Jubert Figueras turns 18!

In News by Paola Jubert

On December 16, 2021 it will be 18 years since the creation of the Jubert Figueras Foundation. At the beginning, little did we expect everything that we would accomplish: such a warm acceptance from other entities, families and administrations; that we would overcome a world pandemic with the engine at full throttle and that we would come of age.

But what we did know from the beggining, and we keep as of today, is our willingness to help displaced caregivers so they don’t have to sleep for month in a hospital’s waiting room chair o in the car, without the possibility of a hot shower and a hot meal. And we believe we have achieved our goal, as our data since 2003 exceeds all imaginable expectations.


We have registered more than 4,500 requests for accommodation, 48% of which we have only been able to respond to due to a lack of resources (2,222 accepted requests). But the people we have been able to accommodate have been treated as if they were our own: they have stayed in our flats (19 flats managed over the last 18 years), others have been accommodated thanks to collaboration agreements with hotels and in other resources available to the Foundation (such as Friendly Families).

Families lodged in the Fundació’s flats1672
Families lodged in partner hotels486
Families lodged in other resources60

Infografía | Principales regiones de origen de las familias alojadas (2003-2021)

Furthermore, we are thrilled to have counted on so many diverse families with an extraordinary capacity for adaptation, as all together we’ve been able to manage the difficult situations that they were living in a much more bearable way. We’ve learnt so much from the families, and we’re incredibly grateful for it!


With data up to October 2021, more than 52% of the caregivers we have tended to came from different Autonomous Regions of Spain (1.163 families), while the 38% were residents in Catalonia. And as for our international families, they represent 10% of the total (40% of whom were Andorran nationals).


If the walls of the 19 lodgings that we have managed could speak, they would tell stories of suffering and grief, but also of resilience, love and new bonds that are eternal. We house them as if they were our own and they will be part of the Foundation’s history forever.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of it over the past 18 years!