Origen de la entidad: Joaquim Jubert Figueras

The Fundació Jubert Figueras was created to honor the memory of Joaquim Jubert Figueras (Cassà de la Selva, 1935- Buenos Aires, 2001).

The beginnings

Joaquim Jubert Figueras was an entrepreneur in the cork industry, director of Reliable Cork Cia.


The Reliable group had in operation a mother factory in Cassà de la Selva, opened in 1926; another one in Lisbon, Portugal, opened in 1943 under the name of SOPAC (Sociedade Portuguesa de Aglomerados de Cortiça Lda.); and a black cork factory in Algeciras (Cadiz) since 1958.

An entrepreneur in the world of cork

(Reliable Factory in the front, with Cassà de la Selva in the background. | Source: Reliable Collection, Cassà de la Selva Town Hall)

(Insulating cork installations of Sopac [Sociedade Portuguesa de Aglomerados de Cortiça] in Montijo, Portugal. | Source: Annabella di Montaperto)

The expansion of the group caused that, in the period between 1960 and 1970, Reliable became the most important industrial conglomerate worldwide in the manufacture of industrial cork insulation for the refrigeration sector.


Meat transport companies in the USA, the United Kingdom and South America were its most relevant markets, without underestimating sales in Europe and the Far East.

In 1959, Joaquim Jubert Figueras took over the manegement of the group and led it to the highest levels worldwide of sales of industrial cork insulation, until the downfall caused by synthetic insulators, which made the use of cork as an element in minor ecological constructions due to its high cost.


The company closed its doors definitively in 1996; previously it had already closed the Algeciras factory and in 1995 had sold Sopac to the Portuguese Amorim group.

Joaquim Jubert promoted in 1954 in Portugal the creation of Isola (grouping of all the Portuguese black cork manufacturers), he was also founder and president of Aecork (Association of Cork Entrepreneurs of Catalonia) and Celiège (European Cork Confederation).

Determination, audacity and hard work taken to the limit were the legacy received and the most important legacy left by Joaquim Jubert Figueras at the public level.


For those who were close to him, a boundless generosity with all those who needed him, which led his family and friends to want to perpetuate his legacy.

Qualities of a leader

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