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We close 2021 with very good news!

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As we have been informing you in our digital communication channels, this December we launched a new Christmas campaign: the solidarity gift. A campaign with which we wanted to continue to raise awareness of our work through citizen engagement. With the purchase of the gift (€18), the donor offered a one-night stay for a displaced caregiver.

Now that the month has ended, we can announce that the initiative has been a huge success and we have sold out all the units we had available.

For this reason we are doubly happy: because we will be able to allocate more money to help displaced carers; and for the fact that we have once again received a very warm welcome from companies, donors and the local population. We have managed to sell all the keys we had produced and it will allow us to properly accommodate for more than 300 nights people in need, so that they don’t have to sleep in the car or in a hospital chair.

A four-way solidarity gift

We are also fully pleased by the social involvement that has taken place throughout the elaboration of the gift, as social economy enterprises have collaborated in different ways.

On the one hand, the chocholate key was made by Xócala, a social company that works to integrate into the workplace people at risk of social exclusion; also Femcet, an association with a special work centre for MS patients, which helped us with the phone calls to companies; on the other hand, Topromi from the La Pedrera Catalunya Foundation printed the leaflets and stickers for the solidarity gifts.

In other respects, Hotel Villa Emilia and Casal Loiola, organisations with whom we have good relationships, have been a display window for the gift and have displayed it at the Reception of their premises. Thank you, too!